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TurtleSeg is an interactive 3D image segmentation tool. Accurate and automatic 3D medical image segmentation remains an elusive goal and manual intervention is often unavoidable. TurtleSeg implements techniques that allow the user to provide intuitive yet minimal interaction for guiding the 3D segmentation process. A key feature of TurtleSeg is Spotlight, an automated system for automatically directing the user towards the next best place for them to provide input. With Spotlight, there is very little need for the user to understand the underlying algorithm used. A typical workflow involves having the user load a 3D image and then use 2D Livewire to manually contour a sparse number of different slices. The full 3D segmentation can then be built automatically using the user-provided information.

TurtleSeg features

  • Spotlight automated assistance for guiding users towards better segmentations. With Spotlight, TurtleSeg learns as you segment
  • Imports and exports many 3D file formats, including DICOM and ready-for-3D-printing STL files (list)
  • Segments many different anatomy, such as brain structure, lungs, bone and other objects in many different modalities such as MRI and CT
  • Intuitive and easy to use interface (See Getting Started Video)
  • Natural 3D navigation with support for oblique slice planes (See Views video tutorial)
  • Multi-level undo/redo support
  • Export the segmentation as an image mask or surface mesh
  • Full contour editing support makes fixing mistakes easy
  • Support for multi-label segmentation (See Multiple Object Segmentation video tutorial)
  • Extensive documentation in the form of a manual, FAQ, and video tutorials
  • Available for Windows and Mac