TurtleSeg 1.30 released!
Mon, 10 September 2013

We are happy to announce the release of TurtleSeg version 1.30, with improved DICOM loading support (scan directories for all DICOM volumes, view DICOM volume information quickly before opening, handle extension-less DICOM files), improved error handling and other bug fixes. You can download it here.

TurtleSeg traffic!
Wed, 18 July 2012

The number of downloads almost doubled during the past few months, take a look:

Download locations

For up-to-date maps, please visit download locations

TurtleSeg 1.2 released!
Mon, 12 Dec 2011

We are pleased to announce that version 1.2 of TurtleSeg, the interactive 3D image segmentation software, is now available for download here.

New Features

  • Support for multi-label segmentation. This functionality can be accessed from the new "Labels" sidebar panel.
  • The volume of the current segmentation can now be calculated and displayed in the "Actions/View Segmentation Statistics" menu option.
  • 3D segmentation generation now learns intensity prior information from existing user contours. This will result in improved 3D segmentation quality.
  • Improved [optional] mesh smoothing of segmentation results.
  • Added ability to export segmentation mask images to NIfTI image file format.
  • Icons added to the left menu bar for more intuitive navigation.

Bug Fixes

  • TurtleSeg now installs by default to "Program Files" in the 64-bit version instead of "Program Files (x86)".
  • TurtleSeg now properly supports images with arbitrary orientation (such as those specified in NIfTI files).
  • TurtleSeg now identifies and loads only the files pertaining to a specific DICOM series.
  • Double-clicking a Turtle Map line segment to view it will no longer disorientingly rotate the current slice view. Another slice view will be used instead of the one the segment was selected on.
  • Spotlight will now give a message when it has no suggestions, instead of silently failing.

TurtleSeg is being downloaded around the world!
Thu, 8 Sep 2011

Since it became public, TurtleSeg has been downloaded all around the world. See for yourself...

Download locations

TurtleSeg featured on I Do Imaging.
Thu, 16 Jun 2011

TurtleSeg has recently been added to the free and open source medical imaging software website, I Do Imaging. TurtleSeg is listed as one of the twelve programs available for image segmentation. A direct link to TurtleSeg's page on I Do Imaging can be found here.

TurtleSeg survey opened.
Tue, 8 Feb 2011

We are always trying to improve TurtleSeg. Recently, we've sent an e-mail to downloaders of TurtleSeg with a link to a public survey. We will use the feedback in order to prioritize our future work on the next TurtleSeg version. Thank you to all who fill out the survey!

TurtleSeg 1.0 goes public.
Tue, 8 Feb 2011

TurtleSeg is announced and version 1.0 is available for download. You can download it here.